Car Loan – what you need to know?


car loans can be requested from bank branches for both used and new vehicles. car loans can also be offered with different maturity and interest options depending on the vehicle price. With a maturity of up to 48 months and an interest rate of 2.19%, easy vehicle loans can be taken from branches. Different applications can be made by the bank for commercial vehicle loan.

For this reason, the bank determined just before requesting a vehicle loan; It is recommended that you review the individual and commercial vehicle loan terms.

What are the conditions for 2nd Hand Car Loan?

What are the conditions for 2nd Hand Car Loan?

Bank offers similar conditions for car loans and other loans. For people who will request commercial and personal vehicle loans;

  • Being over the age of 18
  • Documentation of income status
  • Sufficient credit rating
  • No credit card or credit debt
  • Adequate amount for vehicle down payment

Individual or corporate customers who cannot meet these conditions cannot apply for car loans. The same similar conditions are sought from the customers in second-hand vehicles. Bank provides credit support up to 70% and 50% of the vehicle value for second-hand vehicles.

Car Loan Interest Rates

Car Loan Interest Rates

Bank provides its customers with financing support of 70% to 50% of the vehicle value for vehicle loans. In Bank’s individual vehicle loans;

  • For vehicles less than 120 thousand USD – 70%
  • For vehicles higher than 120 thousand USD – 50%

Gives credit. Since these rates are determined according to the vehicle appraisal report, you need to learn the value of the vehicle you want to buy. Auto loan interest rates are;

  • 2.19% Interest rate
  • 60 and 48 months maturity option
  • 29.1444% – Annual cost rate

It is applied. You can apply for vehicle loan directly from bank branches or you can make your applications using one of the quick application methods.

What were Auto Loan Application Methods?

What were Auto Loan Application Methods?

In order to apply for loans, it is the first rule to carry the conditions specified in the credit specific. However, to apply for vehicle loan;

  • Individual Internet branch
  • branches and
  • Bank call centers

It may be used. Information required for individuals who will apply for car loans through an individual Internet branch;

  • Identification number
  • Mobile phones
  • Verification Code
  • Credit information
  • How it works and
  • Income information

It is also possible to apply for commercial vehicle loan applications directly through bank branches.

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